Black Make Teacher Fellowship

What is the Black Male Teacher Fellowship?

The Black Male Teacher Fellowship is a multi-faceted opportunity for college students to explore the teaching profession in learning and practice-based settings. Participants will:

    • Complete teaching practicums from our partners in the summer and school year
    • Engage in affinity groups during their teaching experiences
    • Complete the Introduction to Education, Equity, and Identity course
    • Join the Black Male Teacher Network for ongoing professional development and career support

Institutions partner with us in different ways, depending on need and goals, including:

    • Enrolling college students in the Fellowship
    • Teaching the Introduction to Education, Equity, and Identity course

He is Me will

    • Facilitate affinity groups during teaching practicums
    • Host professional development opportunities
    • Provide content for the Introduction to Education, Equity, and Identity course
    • Identify an instructor for the Introduction to Education, Equity, and Identity course


This partnership has short-term and long-term impacts, including:

    • Teaching Fellowship that prioritizes both what you do in the classroom and who you are in the classroom
    • Consistent opportunities for reflection, personal development, and support from veteran Black male educators 
    • Infrastructure and offerings to support you far beyond your Breakthrough summer – through your entire professional career
    • Resulting in more Black male TFs becoming and remaining classroom teachers


    • 100% of college student HIM participants say that programming is helping them to become more effective teachers
    • 83% of past college participants have become teachers
    • Participants say that the HIM is “good at”:
      • Connecting aspiring Black male teachers with experiences and resources
      • Breaking down and navigating common issues faced by Black male teachers
      • Facilitating introspective and high-level conversations about identity in the classroom
      • Helping prospective teachers think about who they are and what they want 
      • Empowering Black males to become teachers

Start Building the Pipeline

Join the  Black Male Teacher Initiative to bring the Fellowship to your institution.

MA BMTI Membership Form

Non-Binding Letter of Intent

I understand that this is a non-binding expression of intent for my institution to partner with He is Me Institute within the Black Male Teacher Initiative. By completing this form, I am signifying a commitment to ongoing discussions, understanding that it does not create legal obligations or commitments. Both parties retain the flexibility to pursue other opportunities independently.

Completing this form also gives He is Me Institute permission to name my organization in conversations for future funding. My organization also has permission to mention He is Me Institute as a future partner in my funding and partnership conversations.

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