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MA BMTI Membership Form

Non-Binding Letter of Intent

I understand that this is a non-binding expression of intent for my institution to partner with He is Me Institute within the Black Male Teacher Initiative. By completing this form, I am signifying a commitment to ongoing discussions, understanding that it does not create legal obligations or commitments. Both parties retain the flexibility to pursue other opportunities independently.

Completing this form also gives He is Me Institute permission to name my organization in conversations for future funding. My organization also has permission to mention He is Me Institute as a future partner in my funding and partnership conversations.

What is the MA. BMTI?

The Massachusetts Black Male Teacher Initiative (MA-BMTI), led by the He is Me Institute, is dedicated to equipping education leaders with expertise, tools, and resources to implement programs that recruit and/or retain Black male teachers at 3 stages of the teacher pathway:

    • During K-12
    • In College
    • As a career teacher

This initiative is distinguished by its approach that empowers education leaders to take ownership and adaptively tailor programs to meet the unique needs and aspirations of their respective communities, ensuring the development of impactful and enduring initiatives.

Members of the Massachusetts Black Male Teacher Initiative (BMTI) are warmly invited to explore the implementation of the various programs within the initiative, which include:

Implement this program that gives high school students the opportunity to work in youth-serving organizations. IAK Instructors complete training from He is Me to deliver the “teacher discovery” curriculum.

Offer this opportunity for aspiring Black male teachers to earn course credits, participate in monthly affinity-space seminars, and attend several in-person convenings.

Provide opportunities for aspiring, current, and former Black male teachers to build community with one another while engaging in career development opportunities and affinity spaces.

Join this interactive, collaborative summit that convenes institutions from across the Commonwealth to engage in program design, strategic planning, and partnerships aimed at supporting Black male educators.

Joining the MA. BMTI

You should join the initiative if you are a:

    • Current and Aspiring Black Male Educators
    • Educational Institutions and Organizations
    • Stakeholders in Education Policy and Advocacy
    • Individuals and Entities Committed to Diversity in Education

What do members do/get?

    • Ability to schedule program scoping calls: This collaborative discussion helps identify the most suitable scope of programs and services for your institution, ensuring a tailored and impactful partnership.

    • BMTI Implementation Services from HIM: He establish a scope of services to support the implementation of your BMTI program(s)

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