What We Do

Black Male Teachers

When Black boys experience Black male teachers, they are more likely to succeed in school, reach lifelong success, and become teachers.

Teaching Skills

When Black males have culturally-relevant opportunities to expand their teaching skills, they have the tools to stay in the teaching profession longer.

to Teaching

When Black males have their own early exposure to teaching, they are more likely to begin a career in education.


When Black males explore their own identities, they become more effective classroom teachers.

The Why

Research points to four factors that lead Black men to and through the classroom. We lean into these four factors as we work with partner organizations to build local pipelines to bring Black males to teaching.

The 4Es Framework for Black Male Teachers

When schools recruit, retain, and retire more Black male teachers, then more students in every demographic receive a higher quality education, increasing the likelihood of prosperity and building wealth in adulthood. 

The Model

This fellowship exposed me to teaching

He Is Me Fellow

The Team at He Is Me understands what our teachers needed.

District Partner

After my son participated [in I am King] i saw a change in his sense of self.

Parent, I AM KING Program

Our Partners

We work with institutions to build a Black male teacher pipeline and make an impact. Below are a few of our partners in this work.