What is  I AM KING

The I AM KING (IAK) program is a summer opportunity for Black males in grades PK-12. High schoolers are trained as summer instructors, facilitating a social-emotional learning course for younger boys within your existing summer program. The program can run anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks with curriculum and training provided by He Is Me Institute.

Institutions will:

  • Identify PK-8th grade participants
  • Identify and hire the high school instructors

He is Me will:

  • Train high school instructors
  • Provide program and facilitation materials


This partnership has short-term and long-term impacts, including:

  • Summer employment opportunities for Black male high school students
  • Unique identity development for Black male youth
  • Social-emotional learning for Black males in P-8
  • Opportunities to explore the teaching profession


Over the past four years, instructors, participants, and families have said that the program has had a positive impact on their identity development and desire to become teachers, which are the two primary goals of IAK. 

As one IAK instructor said, “The work is incredibly impactful, not for just the [students] we serve but for the [instructors] as well. It is an opportunity to connect and engage with other males of color who care about education and work tirelessly toward cultivating a space of love and empowerment for boys of color. The way that the program is built, it’s clear that it has the ability to thrive and be sustained in any community.”

Start Building the Pipeline

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