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Black Boy 1

We seek to partner with public or private schools, school districts, youth-serving organizations, colleges, or teacher training programs to create space for current, aspiring, and former Black male teachers to explore their identities, dissect barriers and opportunities, and cultivate relationships with other Black male teachers.

In building a sustainable pipeline for current, aspiring, and former Black male teachers, businesses and for-profit institutions support matters. Sponsoring a fellow, an event, and more are direct ways you can help educators. Contact us today to discuss how your impact can look.

Sponsor a future teacher

Your time is valuable and is one of the most impactful donations we will accept. Join our volunteer list today by signing filling out our form. Volunteers serve at events and support in-between programming.

The presence of a Black male teacher in a students life increases their chances of finishing High School. attending college, and graduating. A donation today can help put more Black males in front of students in your community. 

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