Pre School - High School

High schoolers discover teaching by delivering social-emotional learning to younger Black males.

Aspiring Educators

College students explore teaching through practicums, affinity groups, coursework, and professional development.

Current Educators

Black male educators engage in community, networking, and development, building a pipeline towards retirement.

Education Ecosystem

Institutions improve approaches to recruit, retain, and retire Black male teachers across their careers.

College Students Served
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Black Educators Impacted
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Black Boys Impacted
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Black Male Teachers Matter

Learn more about how we can support your school district or school in the recruitment and retention of Black male teachers.

Our customizable programs centered on Black male identity and Social Emotional Learning are making a difference.

Why Do Black Male Teachers Matter?

Black Kids Perform Better in K-12

Diverse teacher pools with Black males positively impact staffing biases and student outcomes.

Kids more likely to enroll In college

Just one Black teacher can increase Black students' chances of enrollment in college and reduce K-12 dropout rates.

Increased Equality and Fairness

Studies show that having more male teachers of color positively affects every school kid regardless of race.

Black Male Teacher Initiative

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