The Barr Foundation Continues its Support of He Is Me with a $300,000 Grant

Boston, October 31, 2023

The Barr Foundation has once again affirmed its commitment to fostering equity and innovation in education by awarding a $300,000 grant to the He Is Me Institute. This grant, building on the Foundation’s previous support, will enable the Institute to advance its mission of increasing the presence of Black male educators in the education system.

The Barr Foundation, known for its visionary approach to addressing educational disparities, has recognized the transformative work of the He Is Me Institute. This grant is a testament to the critical need for greater diversity in the teaching profession and the power of mentorship and representation in shaping students’ futures.

The He Is Me Institute’s Ongoing Impact

The He Is Me Institute is dedicated to dismantling educational disparities by cultivating a strong pipeline of Black male educators through its pioneering Fellowship program. This initiative not only recruits Black men into the teaching profession but also empowers them with the tools and support necessary to succeed in the field.

Robert J. Hendricks III, the founder of the He Is Me Institute, expressed his gratitude for the continued support, stating, “This generous grant from the Barr Foundation will significantly bolster our efforts to create a sustainable and impactful pipeline of Black male educators who will serve as beacons of inspiration for generations of students.”

Transforming Communities Through Education

The impact of the He Is Me Institute extends well beyond the classroom. By nurturing and empowering Black male educators, the organization addresses the root causes of educational inequalities and societal disparities that have persisted for too long. These educators become advocates, mentors, and leaders in their communities, fostering not only academic success but also social and emotional growth among their students.

The Barr Foundation’s grant will enable the He Is Me Institute to expand and enhance its Fellowship program, offering comprehensive support to fellows as they embark on their teaching careers. This includes mentorship, professional development opportunities, and a robust network of peers and allies, ensuring their long-term success and impact.

A Visionary Partnership for a Better Future

The He Is Me Institute and the Barr Foundation share a common vision of a more equitable and inclusive educational system. This partnership reflects their dedication to creating lasting positive change in the communities they serve. By promoting diversity within the teaching profession and fostering an environment where students from all backgrounds can thrive, this grant contributes to the broader goal of creating a more representative educational system.

The Barr Foundation’s commitment to investing in organizations like the He Is Me Institute demonstrates their belief in the power of education to transform lives and communities. This grant will not only help build a more diverse teacher workforce but also contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

About the He Is Me Institute

The He Is Me Institute is a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the number of Black male educators in the teaching profession. Founded on the belief that representation matters, the Institute works tirelessly to recruit, support, and empower Black men who aspire to become educators, providing them with the tools, mentorship, and community they need to thrive in the field. Through innovative programs like the Fellowship, the He Is Me Institute is building a brighter future for students and communities alike.

About the Barr Foundation

The Barr Foundation is a private foundation based in Boston, Massachusetts, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all residents of the region. The Foundation focuses on strategic grantmaking and civic leadership to foster innovation and collaboration in areas such as education, climate, and the arts. Their mission is to create a more equitable and inclusive community where opportunities are accessible to everyone.

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