For Black Men

Why Teach?

The teaching profession is one of the most stable in America. Careers in education allow Black men to grow professionally and financially. With a career in education, you can impact the next generation and expand your legacy.

With an infusion of Black men in education, students perform better. With higher-performing students, communities improve access to wealth today and in future generations. Become an educator today!

He Is Me Institute is here to help you get started. Whether you are in high school looking into college majors, in college selecting your field, or in the classroom making a difference every day, He Is Me Institute works to get you to the school and keep you in the classroom, making an impact.

The Model

The Black male teacher shop

The place for educators to express culture, integrity, empathy, and reflection. Our apparel sparks conversations about the current state of education and the racial wealth gap in America. All sales support the mission of He Is Me Institute.


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